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My name is Onno Kramer (1967). I have finished a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering at Twente University. After my studies I went to Australia and Spain, was an IT freelancer in the financial services and started as an engineer to work at the drinking water supply in Amsterdam. I’m enjoying working as a sr. advisor water quality and process technology at Waternet in which the focus is made on improvements in process performance and optimisation, sustainability and on-site innovations. I’m a curious person and want to know how things work. Therefore, I love to work together with students since they have an open-minded attitude and since they are enthusiastic about my new water related ideas which I try to translate into inspiring projects.

Under my supervision, more than 50 students successfully completed their interim stage, multi-disciplinary project or graduation assignment at Waternet.

Through accompanying students, I learn constantly. Every student is different and makes a tremendous contribution to the research projects and necessary experience and useful skills. Besides theoretical fundamental questions which must be answered also many practical research challenges have to be explored. Therefore, for every student there are more than enough projects which can be defined.

For the Hogeschool Utrecht and Hobeon I participate in several comities: “Supervisory Committee”, “Profession Fields Committee”, ”Nationwide B.Sc. Educational Assessments”.

In October 2016 I started as a contract promovendus a Ph.D. research project in hydraulic modelling of liquid-solid fluidisation in drinking water treatment processes in which models are developed with respect to sustainability goals, practical implementation challenges and optimisation aims.

The acquired models are calibrated in a pilot plant experimental set-up and subsequently validated in a full-scale installation.

In the Netherlands annually 400 million m³ water is softened in drinking water treatment plants applying fluidised bed pellet reactors. Generally, sand is used as seeding material and marble pellets are produced as a by-product. To improve sustainability calcite pellets are dried, grained and sieved and re-used as seeding material.

Theoretical knowledge of perfect round spheres in liquids is generally accepted and applied to predict the fluidisation behaviour. Regarding natural particles numerous semi-empirical models have been published. However, there is no general agreement regarding which equation is the most accurate.

The aim is to obtain substantial more knowledge regarding the hydraulics of the liquid-solid fluidisation phenomena which will optimise the softening process in fluid bed reactors.

The research will take place at the Weesperkarspel facility of Waternet in Amsterdam and in the Science Lab at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Institute for Life Science and Chemistry, Chemical Engineering.

Awards for the annual graduation report contest:

  • 2016 Liselotte van den Hout 2nd price KNW
  • 2015 Mohamed el Mokaddam 2nd price KNCV
  • 2014 Mark Jobse 1st price KNW
  • 2014 Marc Schetters 2nd price KNW
  • 1991 Onno Kramer (me) 4th price Dutch Royal Engineering Society

And there is more
In my spare time I compose flamenco music and choreographies which I performer with other musicians and dancers in small theatres. For many years I was a member of student rowing clubs. In 1989 I won my first rowing ”blik” with a fantastic still existing team called “Zwaar’88”. I won my first “Heineken roeivierkamp” medal as a strike in 1994 and had the opportunity to row at the river Thames  in the “Head of the river race” contest in London.

I live together with Karin in the little nice town of Weesp in the vicinity of Amsterdam.

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