Mostafa Zahmatkesh


Telephone:   +31 152786588
Room number:   4.69 (Civil Engineering)
Research Publications


Mostafa Zahmatkesh was born in 1982 in Tehran, Iran. He studied chemical engineering at Azad university in Tehran. In 2009 he completed his MSc thesis on the “Bioreactor design for Azo dye biodegradation with fungi” in Sahand University of technology of Tabriz. After graduation he took role in Tehran Institute of biotechnology in Tehran University and after 6 month has been assigned as the head of the “Bioprocess eng.” group. In there he involved in various projects like Protease production, animal vaccine production, waste water treatment plants and bioreactor design projects. His main research areas are Bioprocess design and wastewater biotreatment. In May 2012 he has joined the TU Delft, Civil Eng. Department, Sanitary Engineering Section as a PhD researcher to conduct his PhD studies on “Developing a novel fungal reactor for bioremediation of humic-rich industrial wastewaters .

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