Lisa Scholten


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Room: 4.65
ORCiD ID: 0000-0002-4487-758X


Funded projects: SewerSense

My name is Lisa Scholten. I am a tenure track assistant professor in urban water infrastructure at TU Delft since April 2015.

I hold an engineering degree in Urban and Industrial Water Resources Management with a minor in East Asia/China studies from TU Dresden, Germany, and a PhD degree from ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Short CV

Since April 2015:  Assistant professor urban water infrastructure, TU Delft
2015-2013:  Postdoc at Eawag and ETH Zurich
2013-2010:  PhD researcher, Eawag
2010-2009:  Graduate research assistant, TU Darmstadt
2009-2003: Graduate studies at TU Dresden

Focus topics

  • Urban water infrastructure management and planning
  • Decision analysis and multi-stakeholder decision support
  • Asset management, pipe deterioration models
  • System analysis, probabilistic modelling and inference

Peer-reviewed publications

Scholten, L., Maurer, M., Lienert, J. 2017. Comparing integrated assessment and multi-criteria decision analysis models to support long-term water supply planning. PLoS ONE 12(5): e0176663.. (open access)

Scheidegger, A., Leitao, J.P., Scholten, L. (accepted). Statistical failure models for water supply pipes – a review from a unified perspective. Water Research 83: 237-247. | Postprint

Scholten, L., Schuwirth, N., Reichert, P., Lienert, J. 2015. Tackling uncertainty in multi-criteria decision analysis – An application to water supply infrastructure planning. European Journal of Operational Research 242: 243-260. | Postprint.

Lienert, J, Scholten, L., Egger, C., Reichert, P., and Maurer, M. 2015 (online 2014). Structured decision making for sustainable water infrastructure planning and four future scenarios. EURO Journal on Decision Processes, special issue on environmental decision making. (open access).

Scholten, L., Lienert, J., Reichert, P., Scheidegger, A., Maurer, M. 2014. Strategic rehabilitation planning of piped water networks using multi-criteria decision analysis. Water Research 49(1): 124-143. | Postprint.

Scheidegger, A., Scholten, L., Maurer, M., Reichert, P. 2013. Extension of pipe failure models to consider the absence of data from replaced pipes. Water Research 47(11): 3696-3705, | Postprint.

Scholten, L., Scheidegger, A., Reichert, P., Maurer, M. 2013. Combining expert knowledge and local data for improved service life modeling of water supply networks. Environmental Modelling & Software 42: 1-16, | Postprint.

Other publications

Scholten, L.; Maurer,M.; Scheidegger,A. 2014. Zustandsmodellierung kleiner Versorgungsnetze. Ergebnisse aus dem NFP-61-Projekt "Langfristige Planung nachhaltiger Wasserinfrastrukturen" Aqua & Gas, 2014, 94, 5, 51-58, SVGW.

Scholten, L.; Egger,C.; Zheng,Jun; Lienert,J. 2014. Multikriterielle Entscheidungsunterstützung. Neue Ansätze für langfristige Infrastrukturplanung in der Wasserver- und –entsorgung. Aqua & Gas, 2014, 94, 5, 62-69, SVGW.

Zabaleta,I.; Scholten, L.; Zurbrügg,C. 2014. A decision support tool for selecting organic waste treatment technologies. Sandec News 2014(15): p. 5, Eawag, Switzerland. Link.

Scholten, L. 2013. Multi-criteria decision analysis for water supply infrastructure planning under uncertainty. PhD thesis. ETH Zürich, Switzerland.

Scholten, L. 2009 Entwicklung Integrierter Sanitärkonzepte in Katastrophengebieten (In German: Development of integrated sanitation concepts in desaster areas.). Diploma Engineer thesis. TU Dresden. Link

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