Dimitris Xevgenos

Email: D.Xevgenos@remove-this.TUDelft.nl

Room number: 4.59 (Civil Engineering)

Dr. Dimitris Xevgenos joined TU Delft as a Post Doc researcher in January 2017. Before joining TU Delft, Dimitris was a PhD researcher with the Unit of Environmental Science and Technology at the National Technical University of Athens. His research interests focus on the recovery of materials from saline impaired effluent (brines) generated either from desalination plants or from the industry. Currently, his research focuses on re-designing the value and supply chain of water and minerals through a circular economy approach for the recovery of resources from industrial brines. His other research interests include renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, power production and waste management. Dimitris holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering (2016), an MSc in Electrical Engineering (2010) and a BSc (2008) in Mechanical Engineering. He has received 9 scholarship awards as a distinction for his academic performance throughout his studies.

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