Boris van Breukelen


Room number:  4.49 (Civiele Techniek)


I have worked already one year with pleasure (and proudness) at the TU Delft. Before, I worked for many years at the (former) Hydro(geo)logy group of the VU University in Amsterdam as assistant professor in Hydrochemistry. I was born in Amsterdam and still live there with my family; Commuting by train to Delft has become part of the daily routine.

I aim to broaden my expertise in water quality monitoring & reactive (biogeochemical) transport modelling in the environment (groundwater and surface water) with new applications to engineered systems. I have made in collaboration with colleagues and students some first steps/plans in biogeochemical transport modelling of (i) phosphate harvesting in waste water treatment, (ii) sand filters for groundwater treatment and drinking water production (Fe, Mn, As), and (iii) industrial (paper mill) waste water treatment (scale prevention). With respect to water quality aspects of managed aquifer recharge (MAR) systems (in the Netherlands and Bangladesh), I have planned further MAR research to (i) agricultural applications in saline deltas (proposal in review), and (ii) urban settings including pre-treatment with bioretention systems (TKI project of KWR with start-up Field Factors). Finally, to keep (also professionally) connected to my home town, I have planned further research to water quality (and pathogen) monitoring in the canals of Amsterdam.

I supervise currently 4 PhD-students as copromotor:

  • Moshiur Rahman: reactive transport modelling of subsurface arsenic removal (SAR) in Bangladesh (NWO WOTRO).
  • Heloise Thouement: model-based interpretation of compound-specific stable isotope analysis (CSIA) data for improved assessment of monitored natural attenuation (MNA) of chlorinated ethene pollution plumes in groundwater (EU Marie Curie ITN).
  • Liang Yu: spatial and temporal dynamics of groundwater and surface water quality in Amsterdam and surroundings (CRC).
  • Risalat Rafiq: water quality aspects of managed aquifer recharge in coastal saline Bangladesh (NWO UDW).

With respect to teaching, I am coordinating the ‘Fundamentals of water treatment’ MSc course, and teach (Phreeqc) modelling and application as part of the following courses ‘Introduction to chemistry and thermodynamics’ (BSc Geosciences), ‘Industrial waste water’, ‘Chemical processes’ and ‘Coupled processes in the environment’ (MSc Environmental Engineering).

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