Annelies Aarts

Telephone: +31 15 2781585
Room: 4.66 (Civil Engineering)
Research Publications

My name is Annelies Aarts. I studied at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) where I finished in 2007 the study Soil and Water management - option Agriculture in (sub)Tropical Regions. I wrote a masterthesis on environmental explanations for the recurrent bubonic plague in the north of Tanzania, Lushoto.

One year later, after finishing an additional year in pedagogy ('aggregaat'), I moved to Tiznit (Morocco) where I worked as a junior-expert of the Belgian Technical Cooperation for the development project "Projet de Developpement Agricole Integrée, Ouijjane". It was my task to set up a monitoring and evaluation program for the project, to stimulate/facilitate learning and action in this domain and to offer technical advice to the local partner on the execution of the activities of the project.

In november 2009, I came back to Belgium where I started for a consultancy firm in soil sanitation. Due to an agreement with the University of Gent, I got the opportunity to work part-time in a patent-seeking project at the department of soil hygiene. We did research on the control of emissions during soil sanitation projects using VOC-sensors.

In june 2010, I started a PhD research at the department of Water management in "Model-based control in the urban water cycle" under supervision of prof. Luuk Rietveld.

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