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Professor of Traffic Simulation and Computing


Transport & Planning


Operations & Management of Transport Systems


Traffic Simulation & Computing


Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Building 23
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Room number: 4.33
Phone: +31 15 27 85061
E-mail: j.w.c.vanlint@remove-this.tudelft.nl
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Secretary: Priscilla Hanselaar

Secondary employment

Prof.dr.ir. J.W.C. (Hans) van Lint


After getting my Msc degree Civil Engineering in 1997, I worked for a software firm (IT Works), engineering consultancy (DHV) and a municipality (Rotterdam) before returning to TU Delft for a PhD at the Transport & Planning dept. of Civil Engineering in 2001, which I finished in 2004 (on ‘Freeway travel time prediction’). Since then I was assistant (until 2009) and associated professor and appointed Anthony van Leeuwenhoek Professor in 2013 (all at the same department).


My research lies on the interface between traffic flow theory and simulation and advanced data processing and assimilation. I have worked (with my colleagues and PhD students) on travel time reliability; on new traffic flow theories and models; and on data assimilation and fusion methods for estimating and predicting the traffic state in networks. Many of these research projects have led to follow up and valorisation projects in which the developed models and tools have led to innovative applications in practice.

Educational activities

Key publications

  • Van Lint, J. W. C., W. Schakel, G. Tamminga, P. Knoppers and A. Verbraeck (2016). Getting the human factor into traffic flow models – a new open-source design to simulate next-generation traffic operations. Accepted for the Transportation Research Records
  • Knoop, V. L., H. Van Lint and S. P. Hoogendoorn (2015). "Traffic dynamics: Its impact on the Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram." Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 438: 236-250.
  • van Wageningen-Kessels, F., H. van Lint, K. Vuik and S. Hoogendoorn (2014). "Genealogy of traffic flow models." EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics: 1-29.
  • Van Hinsbergen, C. P. I. J., T. Schreiter, F. S. Zuurbier, J. W. C. van Lint and H. J. van Zuylen (2012). "Localized Extended Kalman Filter for Scalable Real-Time Traffic State Estimation." Ieee Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 13(1): 385-394.
  • Van Lint, J. W. C. and S. P. Hoogendoorn (2010). "A Robust and Efficient Method for Fusing Heterogeneous Data from Traffic Sensors on Freeways." Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering 25(8): 596-612.
  • Van Lint, J. W. C., H. J. van Zuylen and H. Tu (2008). "Travel time unreliability on freeways: Why measures based on variance tell only half the story." Transportation Research Part a-Policy and Practice 42(1): 258-277.
  • Van Lint, J. W. C. (2008). "Online learning solutions for freeway travel time prediction." Ieee Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 9(1): 38-47.
  • Van Lint, J. W. C., S. P. Hoogendoorn and H. J. van Zuylen (2005). "Accurate freeway travel time prediction with state-space neural networks under missing data." Transportation Research Part C-Emerging Technologies 13(5-6): 347-369.

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