Finished PhD projects

Sustainable solutions for global development

Bas Heijman, Doris van Halem & Jules van Lier

Safe drinking water and improved sanitation are at present not available for every human being on earth. The current knowledge on low-cost drinking water treatment and sanitation is often insufficient to provide safe water in remote or densely populated areas. Either solutions do not fit within the targeted environment or a scientific approach is not at hand.

Research to develop and improve treatment systems for the poor is the main objective of the work done within this new research theme. The (upcoming) projects in this theme aim at critically evaluating existing treatment options and the development of new innovative technologies. The current research focuses on low-cost ceramic filtration, (subsurface) arsenic removal, riverbank and gravel filtration, and wastewater reclamation. Appropriate sanitation, in balance with the prevailing socio-economic conditions is of crucial importance for (partly) meeting the agreed MDG-7. Sustainability in terms of cost-effectiveness, technical plain and recovery of resources are the main drivers for novel developments. Energy recovery via anaerobic conversion processes may generate direct benefits on household levels meanwhile basic sanitary requirements are established. A similar approach will be followed in addressing sanitation at community level and/ or city section level, where block sanitation or satellite sewers are connected to technical plain systems which focus on recovery of resources.

PhD projects



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