Finished PhD projects

Emerging technologies for water treatment

Bas Heijman & Jules van Lier

Waste water treatment, drinking water treatment and industrial water production are challenged by increasing quality demands, demanding novel and cost-effective technologies calling. Emerging technologies of interest are being researched at the Sanitary Engineering Water lab. In addition to increasing end product demands, also the incoming water matrix is getting more complicated. Water is extracted from many different sources, which most of the time, are more contaminated. The challenge is also to make shorter and more efficient treatment trains.

An example of a short treatment train is the application of ceramic nanofiltration in demi water production directly from raw sewage water. Another challenge is to develop new adsorbents for specific organic compounds. Research with zeolites with a high Si/Al ratio show much higher adsorption compared to powdered activated carbon in the same natural water. With regard to wastewater, products recovery is becoming an issue of increasing interest. In novel treatments systems high rate systems produce volatile fatty acids for bio-plastic production from industrial wastewater. Another focuses on high-rate treatment of chemical wastewaters under extreme conditions, i.e. high salinity and high temperatures. With respect to costs optimization, dynamic membranes on filtration cloths are being explored instead of real membranes in combination with sludge digesters. 

PhD projects

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