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Distribution and discharge networks

Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis, Francois Clemens & Jeroen Langeveld

Water infrastructures are a vital support of urban societal development: they supply clean drinking water and evacuate polluted wastewaters to protect public health and they drain storm waters to prevent flood damage and economic and societal disruption. Quality of service provided by water infrastructures is under threat as ageing processes degrade structural and hydraulic conditions. Leakages, blockage, pipe blockage, water quality deterioration are but a few of the detrimental effects ageing processes can generate. Developing better understanding of ageing processes is a prerequisite to be able to predict and prevent harmful effects. Early detection and warning is another essential strategy to cope with failures and to increase understanding of failure conditions. The focus of this research theme is on monitoring, detection and prediction of failures in water infrastructures by a combination of experimental research and probabilistic methods in support of quantitative risk analysis. We use urban labs to collect experimental data from real-life conditions and use data mining techniques linking multiple data sources to predict failures in support of risk analysis and prevention. Our aim is to provide society with effective techniques and strategies to use ageing water infrastructures while maintaining optimal functionality.

PhD projects

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