PDEng Civil and Environmental Engineering

15 februari 2017 door Secretariaat Sanitary Engineering

You are not a drop in ocean, but entire ocean in one drop. “Rumi, philosopher and poet.”

A proper design and assessment in civil an environmental engineering does not only depend on innovative process design, but also on factors such as intelligent monitoring, social and economic aspects, and safety and environmental impacts. Therefore, a good designer requires specialist knowledge of several disciplines. However, it takes more than just science to develop such knowledge and as experience has shown, there is a mismatch between what science can deliver and what business does. In addition, there are talented graduated master students who have no interest in research and scientific details. To provide these talents with more than just scientific details, to bring science and practice a step closer to each other, and to address the needs for innovation in civil engineering sector, the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at TU Delft has decided to launch a two-year program. The Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng) focuses on innovated design rather than research.

The kernel of the program is an individual design project, which is important and has strategic value for the involved company. During the design process trainees learn how to bring practical and academic knowledge together and how to apply this knowledge in assignments for real, complex scenarios. This means that the company benefits from a worthwhile project, while educating high potential trainees. Spreading the individual project over two years helps the trainee to implement and integrate the courses he/she has followed and comes up with innovative solutions which satisfy the strategic innovation requirements of the involved company.

Interested companies and trainees are requested to contact:

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Scientific coordinator PDEng
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