Online Professional Education (ProfEd) in Membrane filtration

15 februari 2017 door Secretariaat Sanitary Engineering

We can’t help being thirsty, moving toward the voice of water. “Rumi, philosopher and poet.”

The purified water from RO is used in kidney dialysis, power generation, pharmaceuticals production, medical devices, production of drinking water, manufacturing of semiconductors and paper, in sugar and beverage industry as well as concentrating and reclamation of wastewater. Attempts to replace the RO with other membrane technology such as pressure-retarded osmosis and membrane distillation have only helped to improve the RO-process.

Such a broad range of application for RO implies the involving of a great group of people with diverse educational background and less profound knowledge about the RO-technology. Therefore, the sanitary engineering department and Extension School of Delft University of Technology developed an online course about the RO membrane to offer the working professionals all over the world a flexible and convenient way to strengthen and enhance their professional knowledge, increase their value as employees, and advance themselves to a higher position or earn a higher salary. The course also offers specialized knowledge to PhD-students who want to extend their understanding of the reverse osmosis technology.

The online membrane professional education focuses on the production of potable water with the Spiral-wound membrane (SWM) configuration of RO because the SWM configuration is predominately applied in NF and RO. The course is lectured by seven lecturers most of whom are internationally known. In addition to lectures, participants get the opportunities to have an online-excursion to some RO-installations of The Netherlands including the seawater RO-installation on the board of Karel-Doorman (the beigest and newest ship of Royal Dutch Navy), the brand new brackish water installation of Oasen Water Company at Lekkerkerk, and the famous fresh surface RO-installation of Evides Water Company at Rotterdam haven that provide water to the neighboring industry. The online excursions are guided by experts from Hatenboerwater Company, Oasen Water Company, and Evides Water Company.

This seven-week online course starts on May 2, 2017. If you need more information or you want to enroll go to:

Interested companies and trainees are requested to contact:

A.H. Haidari/scientific coordinator
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TU Delft / Sanitary engineering Department
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Tel (Work): (+31) 15-278-73-37

Figure 1: Excursions to Evides. During this excursion, the presenter shows how they make highly purified water from the fresh surface water for the neighboring industry. The unique three-stage design of the treatment plant with primarily vertical element in front of these stages is a unique opportunity to understand the challenges regarding the treatment of fresh surface water with reverse osmosis.  

Figure 2: Membrane autopsy. This video clip shows different parts of a spiral wound membrane module and the way that a spiral wound membrane modules is constructed.

Figure 3: A part of the course is to make a spiral wound membrane module by using colored papers, straw, and glue.

Figure 4: Online simulation. With this setup you can perform the Nano-filtration experiment without being physically present in the water laboratory. The simulation is based on the existing setup, which is used for years in water laboratory of TuDelft. The feed water can be change between demineralized water or MgSO4 solution. The flow rate can be changed by changing the pump rotation. The electrical conductivity and pressure of the feed and the concentrate can be the measured.   

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