Jan van Noortwijkprijs 2017

23 april 2017 door Webmaster Hydraulic Engineering

Last month, Vincent Vuik won the award of best HKV publication of 2016. Every year, 3 publications are nominated, and the authors present their work for all HKV employees. After the presentations, there is a voting. He presented a Coastal Engineering paper about wave load reduction by vegetated foreshores.

The nominees presented their articles to all HKV employees on Monday, 27th of March. After two rounds of votes, a winner was chosen. Vincent Vuik won with the article "Nature-based flood protection: The efficiency of vegetated foreshore for reducing wave loads on coastal dykes". This article was published in the Elsevier edition Coastal Engineering. Vincent wrote the article in collaboration with Bas Jonkman, Bas Borsje and Tomo Suzuki.

* source: HKV.nl

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