Graduation of Wessel Geerlof

17 mei 2017 | 14:00
plaats: Room F, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
door Webmaster Hydraulic Engineering

"Nearshore topography and bather risk"| Professor of graduation: S.G.J. Aarninkhof, supervisors: A.J.H.M Reniers (TU Delft), M.A. de Schipper (TU Delft), ir M. Radermacher (TU Delft)

The objective of this research was to quantify the relation between alongshore bathymetric variability and wave driven currents, which form a risk to bathers along the Delfland Coast, including the Sand Motor. To this end, a bulk parameter has been defined which quantifies the amount of alongshore bathymetric variability along 400m subsections of the Delfland Coast. This parameter has been put use on a bathymetric measurement dataset of the Delfland Coast spanning the period from august 2011, until January 2016. This is done for both the intertidal- and the subtidal bathymetry. Using this bulk parameter, over 60 subsections of the Delfland Coast have been selected for a modelling study. Using Delft3D, wave driven currents have been simulated over these selected variable bar patterns. With the results of this modelling study, the relation between the alongshore bathymetric variability and wave driven currents which form a risk to bathers has been investigated. It was found that such a relation exists. In order to fully quantify bather risk other (morphological and behavioural) aspects need to be looked into. 

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