Joint research programme enhanced hydrocarbon recovery

01 maart 2017 door Webredactie CiTG
Above, left to right: Dr. Roozbeh Khosrokhavar, Dr. Karl-Heinz Wolf, Dr. Mansour Bazmi, Prof. Dr. Bert Geerken, Mr. Seyed Shabibi and Prof. Dr. Pacelli Zitha

On Friday 24 February the faculty welcomed Dr. Mansour Bazmi, Vice-President for International Affairs of the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry of Iran (RIPI). After extended negotiations the RIPI and the TU Delft signed the first contract of a 10 year joint research programme on environmental aspects of sustainable enhanced hydrocarbon recovery to be led by Prof. Pacelli Zitha.

The contract was signed by Prof.Dr. Hamid Reza Katoozian, the President of RIPI, and was counter signed during this visit by our Dean, Prof. Dr. Bert Geerken. Bazmi and Geerken exchanged the signed contract for the first stage of this ambitious research program in a ceremony attended by Mr. Seyed Shabibi, Minister Counsellor of the Iranian Embassy.

The parties took this opportunity to discuss the possibilities to broaden the scope of cooperation between the TU Delft and other Iranian universities or research institutions, in the fields of geotechnical, geological, hydrological and environmental issues.

Above: The visit included a detailed tour in the Geoscience and Engineering Laboratory with Dr. Karl-Heinz Wolf

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