Research portfolio

The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences has categorised its research according to the faculty's 5 research themes:


How do we ensure that people can continue to live safely and comfortably in low-lying delta areas? The Delta Technology theme examines climate change, rising sea levels and subsidence continually seeking solutions with the least detrimental effect on nature and the environment.


Oil and gas exploitation are still the principal subjects within the Geo-energy theme, but a great deal of research is also carried out into geo-thermal energy, underground CO2 sequestration and unconventional hydrocarbons. The researchers work according to a characteristically TU Delft approach whereby geology, geophysics and engineering sciences are combined and also cooperate widely with companies, knowledge institutions and other faculties.

Urban Water

The Urban Water theme focuses on the urban water cycle. This not only concerns water extraction, the production of drinking and process water and the collection and treatment of waste water, but also the capture and discharge of precipitation and the combating of brackish water seepage. Both education and research centre on an integral approach and cross-faculty work is the norm.

Structural Engineering 

Leading education aligned to the market’s needs and excellent scientific research in the field of the structural design of buildings and structural and integral design of civil engineering infrastructure. These are the two, main objectives of the Structural Engineering theme. The point of departure being a good balance between science, engineering and design.


Transport is indispensible to society and the economy. It also causes traffic jams, accidents, air pollution and the emission of greenhouse gases. How can we ensure the efficient, safe and reliable transport of people and goods? And how can we be kind to the environment whilst doing so?
Our research focuses on the development of knowledge concerning efficient, reliable, safe and clean transport. The TU Delft researchers working on this theme belong to the global Top 5 in the transport field.

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