PDEng Civil and Environmental Engineering starts in September

01 May 2017 by Webredactie CiTG

The new academic year will see the start of the PDEng programme in Civil and Environmental Engineering. This two year post-master programme for specialists focuses on innovation in the civil engineering sector. Trainees will be looking specifically at the areas of efficient drinking water provision, wastewater reuse, the use of sustainable building materials and issues surrounding the demand for high frequency railway traffic.

The emphasis on flexible labour and outsourcing in the civil engineering sector over the last 15 years has led to a paring down of technical knowledge and a loss of innovative power. The programme will help provide the civil engineering industry with technical specialists who can give a much-needed boost to the drive for innovation. 


Each participants in the PDEng-programme in Civil and Environmental Engineering will work on an individual project linked to an issue brought up by the civil engineering sector or their company. The training programme curriculum is designed to support the participants in the execution of that project.  
The programme is open to newly graduated engineers as well as starters with some years’ work experience. Candidates have until the end of August to register. 



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