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Streaming Water to start during Junior TU Delft

28 January 2015

Junior TU Delft started on Friday 9 January 2015 with the Streaming Water programme at the Waterlab. Some 25 enthusiastic 5 and 6 VWO (pre-university education) pupils will design and build a water measuring instrument made from odds and ends found around the house with the help of Rolf Hut, Willem Luxemburg and other colleagues.Continue


Surprisingly strong solar radiation absorption by forest fire smoke

28 January 2015

Analysis of smoke measurements taken above the clouds by the SCIAMACHY satellite tool have proven that smoke from forest and savannah fires in Africa absorbs much more solar radiation than initially thought. The results were published in Geophysical Research Letters.Continue


Prof. Marcel Stive wins ASCE Award

13 January 2015

For his contributions to hydraulic engineering, Prof. Marcel Stive has been awarded with the 2015 International Coastal Engineering award by ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers). Continue


TU Delft works to build smart cities through sustainability and big data

07 January 2015

The urbanisation of our world is happening at an incredible pace. How can we ensure that the mega-cities of the future are safe, sustainable and still pleasant to live in? What role will big data play in this process and how can we adapt our cities? Will the engineers of tomorrow be able to build smart cities? These will be some of the central issues at a seminar and academic ceremony on the...Continue


TU Delft's STW WATER2014 success

31 December 2014

Once again TU Delft will be a major participant in an STW programme. Six of the eight applications honoured as part of the WATER2014 programme are projects TU Delft was the main applicant for. A total of 4.2 million euros was made available for the eight projects. The grant applications honoured will, moreover, receive a cash contribution amounting to 1.4 million euros from the business community...Continue

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