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Two projects on geothermal engineering awarded by EU

20 January 2016

Geothermal energy has huge heating potential. How can geothermal wells be enhanced to make the most of this renewable energy source? Two projects on improving the potential of geothermal wells have been awarded as part of the EU’s Horizon 2020 Innovation Programme. David Bruhn, part-time professor for Geothermal Engineering at TU Delft, is involved in both projects. Continue


Negar Khoshnevis Gargar doctoral research nominated for DEWIS award

20 January 2016

Negar Khoshnevis Gargar doctoral research has been nominated for the DEWIS award, an annual accolade presented by Delft Women in Science (DEWIS) to the most talented female PhD graduate at TU Delft. She obtained her cum laude doctorate with a research thesis entitled “Combustion for Enhanced Recovery of Light Oil at Medium Pressures”.Continue


TU Delft Highlights 2015 with Serge Hoogendoorn

19 January 2016

During TU Delft’s Dies Natalis that was celebrated on Friday January 8th, the ‘Highlights 2015’ were presented: a document that reflects TU Delft and the highlights of the past year. The document contains an interview with amongst others Serge Hoogendoorn.Continue

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