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Watch CEG on the virtual TU Delft campus

27 March 2015

The virtual TU Delft campus is online. On this website important places for students on the campus are highlighted. New (international) students can already get a good impression of the campus.Continue


The Netherlands can play a leading role in the European energy market

24 March 2015

What will Europe look like in the year 2050? And most importantly, how can we start preparing now for major and complex changes in our energy infrastructure, while also ensuring that the Dutch economy continues to prosper? That is central question of The Delft Plan: the Netherlands as Europe’s Energy Gateway. The plan is TU Delft’s proposal to initiate a movement to harness the power of the...Continue


As the Earth’s temperature rises, clouds become thinner: extra warming is the result

19 March 2015

Stratocumulus clouds develop less thickness in a climate with increasing temperatures. This in turn leads to extra warming of the climate. This is the conclusion arrived at by Sara dal Gesso, a scientist at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KMNI). She has researched common cloud formations and their role in climate change. On Wednesday 18 March, she was be awarded her PhD at TU...Continue

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