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Infrasonic sounds in the earth

06 March 2017

The rumbling of Mount Etna on Sicily can be measured as far afield as De Bilt. Infrasound from the volcano is very low frequency sound travelling through the atmosphere. It is inaudible to the human ear yet still measurable. So says seismologist Läslo Evers of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), who is researching infrasound and conducts measurements using special equipment. On...Continue


Joint research programme enhanced hydrocarbon recovery

01 March 2017
Above, left to right: Dr. Roozbeh Khosrokhavar, Dr. Karl-Heinz Wolf, Dr. Mansour Bazmi, Prof. Dr. Bert Geerken, Mr. Seyed Shabibi and Prof. Dr. Pacelli Zitha

On Friday 24 February the faculty welcomed Dr. Mansour Bazmi, Vice-President for International Affairs of the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry of Iran (RIPI). After extended negotiations the RIPI and the TU Delft signed the first contract of a 10 year joint research programme on environmental aspects of sustainable enhanced hydrocarbon recovery to be led by Prof. Pacelli Zitha. Continue


Stevin II lab features in new television show Ten Strijde

28 February 2017

Jort Kelder and Pieter Jan Hagens used our very own Stevin II lab to investigate exactly what happened during the legendary raid on the Medway in 1667 for their new show Ten Strijde (To Battle). Continue


Serious game research: fleeing an earthquake

08 December 2016

During natural disasters, such as an earthquake, people make choices: should I stay or leave? Should I walk or take the car? These choices have an impact on the number of people injured or killed. To explore the factors that influence these choices, doctoral candidate Mignon van den Berg worked with Japanese researchers from the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo on the development of the...Continue

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