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Coincidence and Twitter lead to discovery new crack in Greenland’s largest glacier

19 April 2017

Something caught the eye of Stef Lhermitte last week, while he was looking through satellite images of the Greenland’s Petermann Glacier. Almost by coincidence he saw a new thin line, as he was going through ESA Sentinel-1 images for research on melt. He checked other satellite images, and saw the line first appear on July 2016, apparently unnoticed until then. In a series of five tweets,...Continue


Possibility of ‘hydraulic’ offshore wind farm

04 April 2017

For his doctorate awarded on Tuesday, 4 April, TU Delft researcher Antonio Jarquin Laguna investigated the possibility of a ‘hydraulic’ offshore wind farm. It involves the direct drive mechanism of the wind turbine being replaced by a positive displacement pump, which is used to bring pressurised seawater into a hydraulic network.Continue


Rolf Hut in the running for KIVI engineering award

31 March 2017

The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI) has announced a shortlist of 3 candidates for this year’s Prins Friso engineering award. Researcher and lecturer Rolf Hut (Water Management) is one of the contenders. Voting has now begun!Continue


Coen Spelt first to graduate with an Integral Design & Management annotation

28 March 2017

Coen Spelt is the first Construction Management graduate to earn an Integral Design & Management annotation (IDM). The course taught Spelt to look at large-scale infrastructure projects from a different perspective. He learned that the success of a project depends on more than smart construction and combining project sections, such as bridges and roads. A civil engineer also must take the wishes...Continue


3 new online Professional Education Courses

31 March 2017

Three new ProfEds, professional education courses, will start in the coming months. Topics are: Closure works (repairing levee breaches), Nanofiltration & Reverse Osmosis and Project Management. Continue

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