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NWO invests 4.3 million euros in projects on delta and water technology

16 January 2017

NWO is supporting nine new projects in the framework of the Water top sector. Seven of the nine are TU Delft projects. Three projects on delta and water technology were set up by CEG researchers. These projects are:Continue


Watch Merle de Kreuk, Joep Storms and Bas Jonkman’s online lectures at Universiteit van Nederland

21 December 2016

Researchers Merle de Kreuk (Watermanagement), Joep Storms (Geoscience & Engineering) and Bas Jonkman (Hydraulic Engineering) have provided lectures (in Dutch) at the Universiteit van Nederland on the theme Gevaarlijk water? (dangerous water). Each lecture answers the question to what extent water is dangerous and what we can do to control it. Continue


Tackling global challenges: from Zika to flooding

12 December 2016

TU Delft | Global Initiative invests in six more long-term research projects to find concrete solutions that directly improve lives of people living in poverty. The projects range from building houses with waste, low cost MRI-systems to smart turbine pumps for sustainable irrigation and a microchip to diagnose tropical fevers. These grants enable Delft engineers to contribute to the world’s...Continue

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