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Climate change intensifies night-time storms over Lake Victoria

23 September 2016
Lake Victoria, Kenya. Credit: Sergei Kazakov / Shutterstock.com

Lake Victoria in East Africa will become a hotspot for hazardous thunderstorms due to climate change. This is shown by an international study published in Nature Communications on the 23rd of September. Stef Lhermitte (TU Delft) analysed the differences between storms during the day (which occur mainly over land) and during the night (occur mainly over the lake). Continue


Serge Hoogendoorn appointed Distinguished Professor

20 September 2016

Professor Serge Hoogendoorn of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CEG) has been appointed Distinguished Professor in the field of Smart Urban Mobility (SUM). Hoogendoorn is an internationally recognized expert on traffic flow and dynamic traffic management.Continue


Mathematical model developed 100 years ago used to improve weather and climate models

05 September 2016

“The Russian mathematician Andrei Markov (1856–1922) could never have suspected that his Markov chains would be used for weather and climate models more than a century later,” says Jesse Dorrestijn, who saw an opportunity to improve the models that describe the cloud formation process, using a scientific work from long ago. Dorrestijn did his PhD research at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI),...Continue

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