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Global mean sea level rise is accelerating faster than previously thought

29 May 2017

Globally sea levels are on the rise. Now researchers from TU Delft and other European universities report a reconstruction of global mean sea level since 1902 that yields a slower average rise before 1990 than previously thought, but shows similar high rates as independent satellite observations from 1993-2012. This suggests that global mean sea level has been accelerating much faster than...Continue


TU Delft researcher improves modelling for effects of kilometre charge

19 May 2017

It is highly likely that some form of kilometre charge will be on the political agenda during the present talks on the formation of the new government. However, there is much room for improvement in the models used to predict the effects of a kilometre charge. Erik-Sander Smits has combined know-how from game theory, choice analyses, traffic flow theory and the transport economy to create a...Continue


Two EU projects for Steel & Composite Structures professor Milan Veljkovic

01 May 2017

TU Delft’s Professor Milan Veljkovic (Structural Engineering department) is participating in two European Commission approved projects titled EqualJoints and Inno3DJoints. Both projects will be funded by the EU’s Steel & Coal Fund. Continue


PDEng Civil and Environmental Engineering starts in September

01 May 2017

The new academic year will see the start of the PDEng programme in Civil and Environmental Engineering. This two year post-master programme for specialists focuses on innovation in the civil engineering sector. Trainees will be looking specifically at the areas of efficient drinking water provision, wastewater reuse, the use of sustainable building materials and issues surrounding the demand for...Continue

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