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The Hague: +83 centimetre rise in sea level, and possibly much higher

23 June 2015

Rising sea levels in northern Europe could be much higher than previously anticipated. So say researchers from a number of institutions including TU Delft in an article on this subject published this week in the journal Climate Research.Continue


Improved CT scanner for the Geoscience & Engineering laboratory

18 June 2015

Faster experiments, higher resolutions and the ability to measure even smaller objects: the renovated CT scanner at the Geoscience & Engineering lab will enable this for all CEG researchers after the summer.Continue


Climate change enforced by thinning of stratocumulus clouds

17 June 2015

The precise role that clouds play in climate change has not been clarified yet. However, researcher Johan van der Dussen has been able to demonstrate that so-called stratocumulus clouds will probably become thinner as a result of global warming and that this in turn will lead to an additional temperature increase. Van der Dussen completed his research in close collaboration with the Royal...Continue


Delft Global Research Fellowships: science and technology to tackle global problems

10 June 2015

Making prostheses using a smart combination of 3D printing and a smartphone app. Turning polluted water into safe drinking water using nanotechnology and sunlight. Applying innovative DNA-based technology to develop affordable and easily manageable diagnostic tools for tropical diseases such as malaria. Continue


ERC Advanced Grant for unravelling pedestrian and cyclist flows in cities

09 June 2015

TU Delft's Prof. Serge Hoogendoorn has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant for five-year research into traffic theory for pedestrians and cyclists. The Advanced Grant is a grant for up to 2.5 million euros from the European Research Council for excellent, established researchers carrying out innovative and ground-breaking research. Continue

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