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Ring roads of the future in an urban context: visions collated in new 'motorway x City' book

15 February 2017

Electric cars that require charging and autonomous cars that can be summoned to take you from A to B. How do you take these future challenges into account in spatial planning? And what will Dutch roads and the living environment look like in 2030? In February 2016, the Professional Association of Dutch Architect’s Agencies (Branchevereniging Nederlandse Architectenbureaus, BNA) and TU Delft...Continue


Global hydropower potential: 33% of total energy requirement

10 February 2017

TU Delft researchers have completed a detailed account of the global potential of hydropower. The results of their research were published in the scientific journal PLOS One on Wednesday, 8 February 2017.Continue


New H2020 project SAFE-10-T aims to turn transportation networks and infrastructure objects into smart systems

30 January 2017

Professor Ken Gavin of the Geoscience & Engineering Department of TU Delft, is the technical leader of a new Horizon 2020 project SAFE-10-T that will receive 3 million euros funding from the H2020 programme Mobility for Growth. The goal of the project is to develop a safety and maintenance prediction framework that allows detecting failures to infrastructure (roads, bridges, railroads,...Continue


[Translate to English:] OpenCourseWare ‘Seismic Essentials’ van start

21 February 2017

[Translate to English:] De aardbevingen in Groningen zijn bijzonder: aardbevingen als gevolg van gaswinning, zogenaamde ‘geïnduceerde aardbevingen’, veroorzaakt een reeks problemen waarmee wereldwijd weinig ervaring is. De TU Delft is daarom samen met ingenieursbureau Arup, TNO en de TU Eindhoven de OpenCourseWare (OCW) serie ‘Seismic Essentials’ gestart. De collegereeks is vanaf vandaag online...Continue


SimSmartMobility simulation platform launched

27 January 2017

On friday 27 January 2017 Connecting Mobility, TNO and TU Delft will launch and demonstrate the first prototype of SimSmartMobility. 19 partners will also sign a declaration of intent for ongoing development of the prototype. SimSmartMobility is the only simulation platform of its kind anywhere in the world, enabling the simulation of liveability, safety and accessibility effects of innovative...Continue


Charting the Irrawaddy with balloons and GPS trackers

26 January 2017

This week, a team of TU Delft researchers and students will travel to Myanmar to chart the flow of the country’s largest river, the Irrawaddy. The delegation will be taking 15 specially-made GPS trackers and 400 balloons with LED lights with them to help complete the task. Once the devices have been put to water, the team will track their progress as they travel several hundred kilometres...Continue


Luuk Rietveld bestowed honorary doctorate on Mozambican engineer Manuel Alvarinho

25 January 2017

On Friday 13 January 2017 TU Delft celebrated its 175th anniversary. On this occasion an honorary doctorate was bestowed on Manuel Alvarinho by his honorary promotor Luuk Rietveld. Alvarinho is a Mozambican Civil Engineer, and president and founder of the Water Regulatory Council in Mozambique. He has been working in the water supply and sanitation sector for over 35 years. Continue


Tackling global challenges: from Zika to flooding

12 December 2016

TU Delft | Global Initiative invests in six more long-term research projects to find concrete solutions that directly improve lives of people living in poverty. The projects range from building houses with waste, low cost MRI-systems to smart turbine pumps for sustainable irrigation and a microchip to diagnose tropical fevers. These grants enable Delft engineers to contribute to the world’s...Continue


Serious game research: fleeing an earthquake

08 December 2016

During natural disasters, such as an earthquake, people make choices: should I stay or leave? Should I walk or take the car? These choices have an impact on the number of people injured or killed. To explore the factors that influence these choices, doctoral candidate Mignon van den Berg worked with Japanese researchers from the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo on the development of the...Continue

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