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Self-healing irrigation canals in Ecuador

22 July 2014

At this very moment, an unusual project is taking place high up in the Andean Mountains in Ecuador. Researchers Henk Jonkers, Virginie Wiktor and Lupita Sierra Beltran together with 4 students and Universidad Catolica de Santiago de Guayaquil are applying self-healing concrete techniques to prevent irrigation canals from cracking, thus preventing expensive repair operations and seriously...Continue


International "data collection event" Sand Engine: MegaPEX2014

17 July 2014

In 2011, the Sand Engine was created as a peninsula of 128 acres off the coast of Zuid-Holland where it was created as an innovative way of coastal protection and coastal maintenance. Wind, waves and currents will make the sand spread along the coast between Hoek van Holland and Scheveningen over the next two decades. It creates new beach and dunes, which protects us from rising sea levels and...Continue


Prof. Nick van de Giesen “Leermeester” 2014!

16 July 2014

During a festive, informal meeting with students and colleagues, Prof. Nick van de Giesen (Water Management) was informed that he can call himself “Leermeester” of the year 2014.Continue


Team Prêt-à-Loger makes a statement Solar Decathlon 2014

12 July 2014

How can we make existing cities more sustainable on a large scale and raise the inhabitants' awareness of their energy consumption? The TU Delft student team showed how this can be achieved during the Solar Decathlon 2014, the Olympic Games of sustainable construction, which was held in Versailles over the past two weeks. With their submission Prêt-à-Loger: Home with a skin, the TU Delft team...Continue

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