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Two Vidi grants for CEG: from inaudible sound to thirsty crops

21 May 2015

The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded Vidi grants worth up to EUR 800,000 to seven researchers at TU Delft, including Läslo Evers en Susan Steele-Dunne at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences.Continue


TU Delft launches new Space Institute

19 May 2015

This afternoon saw the official kick off of the TU Delft Space Institute by the Interact Rover. The Rover, developed jointly by TU Delft and ESA, was located at ESA/ESTEC in Noordwijk and operated remotely from TU Delft during the opening symposium of the TU Delft Space Institute. The new institute is intended to bring together and strengthen the university's space activities.Continue


Individual driving advice has potential to reduce traffic congestion considerably

18 May 2015

Detailed individual driving advice can improve traffic flow by distributing cars better across the lanes, for example.Continue


Transport by inland shipping will experience long-term growth

12 May 2015

The unprecedented high growth in demand for freight transport witnessed in the second half of the last century will no longer return. Total transport demand, however, is expected to continue to grow steadily in the first half of this century.Continue


Horizon 2020 Project Real-Time Mining started

06 May 2015

On 14th and 15th of April the Horizon 2020 funded project Real-Time Mining kicked off. The overall aim of Real-Time-Mining is to develop a real-time framework to decrease environmental impact and increase resource efficiency in the European raw material extraction industry.Continue


Hans van Lint in Delft Outlook on 'Predicting traffic'

30 April 2015

Nearly all of the vehicle traffic in the Netherlands is registered continuously. In the computer lab of Prof. ir. Hans van Lint, researchers are using this source of big data for mathematical models that describe and predict traffic.Continue


Second place for Civil Engineering in QS rankings

29 April 2015

TU Delft rose from a fourteenth place to second place in the 2014 QS Subjects Rankings in the discipline Engineering - Civil & Structural. Continue


Royal honours for Michiel Haas

29 April 2015

Michiel Haas, emeritus professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, was appointed Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau in Naarden.Continue


Jérôme Schalkwijk refines gpu usage for climate simulations

29 April 2015

Only in Dutch - Onderzoeker Jerôme Schalkwijk heeft manieren gevonden om gpu's efficiënt in te zetten bij verfijning van weer- en klimaatmodellen. Het onderzoek is uitgevoerd in samenwerking met het KNMI en brengt nieuwe toepassingen binnen handbereik.Continue

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