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‘Matrix signs, rush-hour lanes and regulated slip roads more effective than anticipated’

26 May 2016

Solutions to reduce traffic jams often involve more asphalt and tolls, while less attention is paid in public debate to measures such as matrix signs, rush-hour lanes and regulated entry on slip roads. Yet these measures may have more impact than first anticipated. As suggested by improved models which take account of unpredictable factors such as weather and fluctuating traffic flow. On Thursday...Continue


Vidi for Merle de Kreuk: the effects of suspended solids on granular sludge

13 May 2016

NWO has awarded 800,000 euros to ten TU Delft researchers. They include Merle de Kreuk and her research into the effects  of suspended solids on granular sludge. Vidis are awarded to experienced researchers who have conducted a number of years of successful research after receiving their PhD. Vidi grants enable researchers to conduct five years of research and develop their own, innovative...Continue



11 May 2016

TU Delft has been awarded a leading role in the Horizon2020 project BRIGAID. The 7.8M euro BRIGAID project aims to structurally Bridge the Gap for Innovations in Disaster resilience. May 12 & 13 is the kick-off of the project in Delft.Continue


Accepted Horizon 2020 project: prefab building material out of recycled construction waste

28 April 2016

A new Horizon 2020 project (1 million euros) has been awarded to Francesco Di Maio and Somi Lotfi of the Resources & Recycling group of TU Delft. The main objective of this project is to develop and demonstrate a series of technological solutions for large-scale reuse and recycling of construction materials for the massive retrofitting of our built environment. Continue


New: Stories of Science

28 April 2016

At TU Delft students, scientists and engineers work on intelligent solutions and innovative research every day. And they have great stories. Stories of Science collects these in a special place on the website. It is home to exceptional projects and stories from our faculty’s six departments. Get acquainted with our scientists and read all about our research in our Stories of Science.Continue


Herman Russchenberg to lecture at the Universiteit van Nederland

28 April 2016

Professor Herman Russchenberg (TU Delft) will provide a series of mini-lectures on the relationships between the climate and weather at the Universiteit van Nederland. Continue


New online course: Closure Works

28 April 2016

Closure Works, a new online Professional Education Course (ProfEd) will start June 7th. Learn to prepare a safe and solid plan to get a gap closed.Continue


Two TU Delft Global Research Fellowships at CEG for research from Africa to solve global problems

28 April 2016

More efficient water management of the Zambezi (Hubert Savenije) and cheaper electricity from biogas for rural areas (Merle de Kreuk) are the two TU Delft Global Research Fellowships awarded to the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CEG). Continue

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