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Marcel Stive receives Coastal Sediments Coastal Award

15 October 2014

Prof. Marcel Stive has been awarded with the biannual Coastal Sediments Coastal Award that will be presented to him at the Coastal Sediments Conference in May 2015 in San Diego. This Conference provides an international forum for exchanging information among coastal engineers, geologists, oceanographers, and others interested in the physical processes of coastal sediments and morphology changes.Continue


Clouds monitored extensively during 8 week international monitoring campaign

07 October 2014

On Tuesday October 7th, the international monitoring campaign ACCEPT (Analysis of the Composition of mixed-phase Clouds with Extended Polarization Techniques) will kick-off at the CESAR monitoring site (Cabauw Experimental Site for Atmospheric Research) near Cabauw (The Netherlands). For a period of eight weeks, scientists from several meteorological knowledge institutes from Germany and the...Continue


Waterlab reopened

29 September 2014

On Thursday 18 September 2014, Anka Mulder opened the refurbished Waterlab. The Waterlab houses all the research facilities Watermanagement and Hydraulic Engineering require to conduct high-quality research and provide (online) education. Continue

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