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Mineralogy and Geology Museum preserved

07 April 2014

In the mining pub Het Noorden, alumnus Duco Drenth announced on Friday april 4th, that the mineralogical collection is ‘rescued’. Drenth is president of the Foundation “Mineralogisch Geologisch Museum”. Thanks to donations summing up to a total of 1 million euros, (a portion of) the collection will be relocated to the second floor of the Science Center.Continue


MoU Kenya Meteorological Service and TU Delft/OSU weather station project TAHMO

06 April 2014

The Kenya Meteorological Service (KMS) and the TU Delft/Oregon State University project TAHMO (Trans-African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to serve as a framework for long-term collaboration. The purpose of this collaboration is the development of a robust network of automatic weather stations (AWS) in Kenya. Two activities will take place in the...Continue


DiTTLab will be a ‘playground’ for traffic research at TU Delft

10 April 2014

‘How cool would it be to be able to reconstruct an existing strip of infrastructure into something completely new with a few clicks of your mouse and then start experimenting with linked driving simulators? And then to mix this virtual world with the real world?’ TU Delft is setting up a ‘playground’ to turn imaginary scenarios like this into reality. It will be called the DiTTLab, which stands...Continue


UfD-Damen Bachelor Award for CEG Bachelor Projects

01 April 2014

Lotte de Vos ( "Measuring the efficiency of ceramic canister filter" ) and Jacob Maljaars ( "Velocity around groynes" ) received a Bachelor UfD Damen Award of 2500 euros. Five Bachelor projects were awarded this prize yesterday. Jakob’s supervisor in the faculty was Wim Uijttewaal, Lotte's was Doris van Halem.Continue


Flood management training in Maputo, Mozambique

31 March 2014

Mozambique and its rapidly growing capital Maputo are regularly affected by severe floods. In order to help to reduce flood risks, Nuffic (the Netherlands organization for cooperation in higher education) has commissioned TU Delft to provide a training on flood management. The TU Delft team consists of staff from the Water Management (prof. Huub Savenije and ir. Willem Luxemburg) and Hydraulic...Continue


Press conference Sentinel - 1

27 March 2014

This morning, the press conference with ao Andre Kuipers took place on the launch of the satellite Sentinel -1. Ramon Hanssen (Geoscience & Remote Sensing) spoke as a member of the Scientific Advisory Group . This group has constructed the mission specifications, based on which the design was created. After the launch, TU Delft will deal with the land portion of the calibration of the sensor.Continue


Eleven excellence scholarships for prospective CEG students

27 March 2014

Every year, excellence scholarships are offered by the Delft Research Initiatives (Energy, Health, Environment and Infrastructure & Mobility) and the Delft Institutes (Climate, Process Technology, Transport and Robotics). With these scholarships, the university hopes to attract more highly talented students, while also stimulating academic career development. A large number of these scholarships...Continue

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