BioGeoCivil Summit 2015

18 & 19 November 2015 -> BioGeoCivil Summit 2015

The partners of the STW sponsored BioGeoCivil program warmly invite you to participate in their closing event, the BioGeoCivil Summit 2015

Within the BioGeoCivil program, Bio-Based Geo & Civil Engineering for a Sustainable Society, biology-based materials, technology and processes have been studied and developed with the aim of solving engineering challenges, while at the same time reducing the impact on the environment.

There have been six projects, covering a wide range of processes and applications.
The BioGeoCivil Summit 2015 aims to provide an international forum for presenting and discussing the recent advances in bio-based geo- and civil engineering.

Topics include experimental studies on biobased materials and processes at various scales and theoretical studies improving insight in biogeochemical conversions and how these are coupled to hydro-mechanical properties and processes, which are aimed to develop tools for process simulation. Besides the scientific advances we encourage participants  to present case examples in which bio-based materials and processes have been applied in geo-and civil engineering practice, which help to assess the market potential, sustainability performance and other factors, determining the successful implementation of new bio-based technologies and set the directions for future research and applications in Bio-Based Geo & Civil Engineering.

The program includes one day of presentations of invited keynote speakers and interactive poster sessions for all participants and a second day with workshops and discussions on the issues raised during the first day and future research and development opportunities.

Participants need to register and are invited to submit an (extended) abstract, poster and/or a list of recent publications using the provided templates. Results of the event will be disseminated through a special publication.

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