Facts and figures – Finance

Finance in general 

The following table indicates the faculty’s income and expenditure for the past 5 years. 

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When looking at the income, the lumpsum and the 2nd / 3rd money stream (indirect funding and contract funding) are relevant. The lumpsum (also referred to as direct funding) constitutes the funds the faculty receives from the central university funds to pay for education and research. TU Delft receives these funds from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The indirect and contract funding are funds which the faculty itself acquires, primarily by acquiring research assignments. 

Development of direct, indirect and contract funding 

The faculty has successfully acquired indirect and contract funding in recent years, while the lumpsum has also increased at the same pace in recent years. Because the 2nd and 3rd money stream is less certain on the longer run, this could have some implications for the budget for the coming years.

The following graph indicates the progress of funding flows in recent years. 

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