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Professor of Drinking Water & Urban Water Cycle Technology


Water Management


Sanitary Engineering


Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
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Secondary employment L.C. (Luuk) Rietveld


Luuk Rietveld is professor of Drinking Water & Urban Water Cycle Technology since 2010. He is also Chairman of the Department of Water Management.

After finalizing his studies Civil Engineering at TU Delft in 1987, he worked until 1991 as lecturer Sanitary Engineering at the Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique. Since 1991 he has been working at TU Delft as expert international co-operation, lecturer and assistant, associate and full professor. In 2005 Luuk Rietveld defended his PhD-thesis.


The research activities focus on integration and innovation in the Urban Water Cycle and Drinking Water supply. Therefore fundamental knowledge of the processes is obtained to be able to explain the behaviour of the processes and anticipate on changes and disturbances. The research has been funded by national and international agencies in over 20 projects.

Special interests: water quality and treatment, wastewater reclamation, water & IT, water & energy, water and sanitation for the poor.

Educational activities

BSc. courses:

  • CIE3365 – Introduction to Water Treatment
  • CTB1120 – Introduction to Civil Engineering
  • CTB2120 – Water Management

Key publications

  • Lutchmiah, K., Verliefde, A.R.D., Roest, K., Rietveld, L.C., Cornelissen, E.R. Forward osmosis for application in wastewater treatment: A review (2014) Water Research, 58, pp. 179-197.
  • Elías-Maxil, J.A., Van Der Hoek, J.P., Hofman, J., Rietveld, L. Energy in the urban water cycle: Actions to reduce the total expenditure of fossil fuels with emphasis on heat reclamation from urban water (2014) Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 30, pp. 808-820.
  • Shang, R., Verliefde, A.R.D., Hu, J., Zeng, Z., Lu, J., Kemperman, A.J.B., Deng, H., Nijmeijer, K., Heijman, S.G.J., Rietveld, L.C. Tight ceramic UF membrane as RO pre-treatment: The role of electrostatic interactions on phosphate rejection (2014) Water Research, 48 (1), pp. 498-507.
  • Bakker, M., Vreeburg, J.H.G., van Schagen, K.M., Rietveld, L.C. A fully adaptive forecasting model for short-term drinking water demand (2013) Environmental Modelling and Software, 48, pp. 141-151.
  • Grefte, A., Dignum, M., Cornelissen, E.R., Rietveld, L.C. Natural organic matter removal by ion exchange at different positions in the drinking water treatment lane (2013) Drinking Water Engineering and Science, 6 (1), pp. 1-10.

More publications


DOC2C’s (Interreg)

The DOC2C’s project is an extensive research programme of four years to investigate the possibility of improved dissolved organic carbon (DOC) removal from source waters.

Sustainable water supply for Urbanising Maputo Mozambique (WOTRO/NWO Urbanising Deltas of the World)

The project aims at solving the issues of water scarcity for Maputo through the implementation of water reclamation for industrial and agricultural purposes.

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