The design of intermodal transport networks

Design of transport networks, systems and infrastructure

Currently there exist one full-time chair for Design of Transport Facilitie (prof. Hansen) and two part-time chairs for Infrastructure (prof. Sanders) and Traffic Safety (prof. Wegman).

 Bachelor courses:

Master courses: 

  • Introduction to Civil Engineering (CT1101)
  • Introduction Spatial Planning, Management and Laws (CT1102)
  • Transport (CT2071)
  • Design of Urban Infrastructure (CT3721)
  • Urban Development, Transport Systems and Networks (CT3751)


  • Infrastructure Planning (CT4701)
  • Plan and Project Evaluation (CT4740)
  • Design and Control of Public Transport Systems (CT4811)
  • Infrastructure Planning Policy and Methods (CT5750)
  • Rail Traffic Management and Simulation(CT5803)
  • Traffic Safety (CT5810).


The current research in this area is focused on the development of:

  • models and tools for real-time analysis of train movements, route conflicts and network delay propagation
  • optimization methods and tools for real-time railway traffic management and dispatching
  • strategies for reliable and sustainable multi-modal transport in metropolitan areas.




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