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Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
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Prof.dr. M.P. (Marjan) Hagenzieker


Marjan Hagenzieker is Professor at Delft University of Technology and Scientific Advisor at SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research. She graduated in experimental psychology and received her Doctorate (PhD) at Leiden University. Her research and education activities focus on the road safety effects of the transport system, with particular interest in road user behaviour aspects. Research topics include distraction in traffic; safety of vulnerable road users (e.g. elderly, bicyclists); road user interactions with road infrastructure, in-vehicle technology, and automated vehicles.


The behaviour of road users is a recurring theme in my research. How do road users, for example, deal with distractions, smart cars and complex traffic situations, and what is the impact of their behaviour on road safety?

Educational activities

  • MSc course Traffic Safety CIE5810
  • MSc course Intelligent Vehicles (road safety impact) CIE5805

Key publications

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More publications


Interaction between vulnerable road users and automated vehicles: impact on traffic safety and urban design (NWO-STAD project)

Road safety of bicycles, e-bikes, and other motorized two-wheelers (MOTORIST project).

Human factors and automated driving (HF-auto project)


Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs and medicines (European project DRUID)



  • Hagenzieker, M.P., 2015. "Dat paaltje had ook een kind kunnen zijn". Over verkeersveiligheid en gedrag van mensen in het verkeer / "that bollard could have been a child". About road safety and behaviour of people in traffic. Inaugural speech. Delft University of Technology, Delft.
  • Hagenzieker, M.P. (1999). Rewards and road user behaviour. An investigation of the effects of reward programs on safety belt use. PhD thesis Leiden University.


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