Research Transport & Planning

The following is a selection of the research themes currently being addressed by the department Transport & Planning:

  • Reliability of transportation systems, including the reliability and robustness of road and rail networks, public transport and goods transport services, timetables, and the impact of spatial planning on transportation system reliability.
  • Dynamic traffic management in road and rail networks including the impact of information provision to users, pricing , and traffic control measures.
  • Modelling of various forms of transportation choices such as residential choice, firm location choice, departure time choice, route choice etc., also in multimodal networks.
  • Pedestrian traffic in public areas (railway and underground stations, airports, shopping malls, etc.).

Furthermore, the department participates in long-term, interdisciplinary research projects through the TRAIL Research School.

Fundamental research and a stream of research projects for third parties are organised along the lines of the following research groups:


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