The Conference on Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics ’14 (PED 2014) brought together professionals and international researchers from  fields ranging from  computer sciences to sociology to operational management. The conference addressed both pedestrian and evacuation dynamics and associated human behaviour to provide answers for policy makers, designers, and operational management to solve real world problems. During PED 2014 both theory and application of knowledge concerning human movement behaviour was discussed extensively.

This PED conference has paid special attention to:
Crowd dynamics:
 Insights into the movement of pedestrians during high density situations in confined spaces.
Operational management of highly populated facilities:
 Practical insights into the management and operation of facilities which function fairly often at capacity.
Behavioural aspects of pedestrian motion:
 Understanding human decision making and human behaviour in both emergency and non-emergency scenarios.
Calibration and validation of pedestrian simulation models:
 Development of methods to calibrate and validate pedestrian and evacuation (simulation) models.

The seventh edition was held at Hotel van der Valk, Nootdorp in the Netherlands from October 22 till October 24th, 2014.



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