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Personal Page

Prof. Dr. Ir. L.J. Sluys

Ph.D. Delft University of Technology




Professor Sluys received his PhD from Delft University of Technology in 1992. After that he was a Research Fellow of the Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) at Delft University of Technology (1992-1997). He was a post-doctoral researcher at Brown University, Providence, USA (1993), at the University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia (1996) and at the University of Glasgow, U.K (1996).
He was a Visiting Professor at the Laboratoire de Mecanique et Technologie, ENS de Cachan, France (1997) and at the Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Lyon (INSA), France (2001). In 1999 he became the head of the Computational Mechanics group and since 2003 he is heading the Structural Mechanics Section. Since 2005 he is a Full Professor (chair Computational Mechanics).

Research Interests

Computational mechanics of materials, localisation, multiscale methods, impact analysis.

Recent Publications

Meer, F.P. van der, Al-Khoury, R. and Sluys, L.J. (2009) 
Time-dependent shape functions for modeling highly transient geothermal systems. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 77, p.240-260.
Gitman, I.M., Askes, H. and Sluys, L.J. (2008)
Coupled-volume multi-scale modelling of quasi-brittle material.
European Journal of Mechanics A/Solids, 27, p.302-327.
Iacono, C., Sluys, L.J. and Mier, J.G.M. van (2008)
Calibration of a higher-order continuum model using global and local data.
Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 75(16), p.4642-4665.
Moonen, P., Carmeliet, J. and Sluys, L.J. (2008)
A continuous-discontinuous approach to simulate fracture processes in quasi-brittle materials.
Philosophical Magazine, 88(28-29), p.3281-3298.
Pedersen, R.R., Simone, A. and Sluys, L.J. (2008) 
An analysis of dynamic fracture in concrete with a continuum visco-elastic visco-plastic damage model.
Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 75(13), p.3782-3805.



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