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28 - 30 June 2017, Athens, Greece


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Doha, Qatar

Welcome Prof. Michael...

The Pavement Engineering Section hosted Fulbright scholar Prof. Michael L. Greenfield, the University of Rhode Island between January –May 2017.

Welcome Mr. Ilhan Cetin

The Pavement Engineering Section would like to welcome our new PhD candidate Mr. Ilhan Cetin.

Welcome Dr. Loay...

The Pavement Engineering Section would like to welcome our new scientific staff Dr. Loay AlKhateeb .

Welcome Mr. Sun Zhaojie

The Pavement Engineering Section would like to welcome our new PhD candidate Mr. Sun Zhaojie.

Welcome Mr. Haopeng Wang

The Pavement Engineering Section would like to welcome our new PhD candidate Mr. Haopeng Wang.


Congratulations to  Dr. Pengpeng Wu on successfully defending her PhD theses.  


Congratulations to  Dr. Jinlong Li and Dr. Santosh Kumar Srirangam on successfully defending their PhD thesis. 

Best Poster Award

Paper titled “Healing of Bitumen at Microstructural Level” won Best Poster Award

Best Poster Award

"Durability Analysis of Super-Quiet Pavement Structures"  won Best Poster Award.


Pavement Engineering

The education and the research program of the Pavement Engineering Section concentrate on the characterization of pavement materials at various scales, using both experiments and numerical models, and the design and maintenance of various types of pavements. 

PhD-research is mainly oriented towards the aging and the healing response of asphalt mixtures, their rejuvenation and recycling. Also, research is performed on soil stabilization via various techniques and on the design, analysis and construction of concrete pavements. 

MSc-students are welcomed to participate in these research projects for their MSc-thesis. MSc students are also quite often involved in smaller research projects which are initiated by industry and are tuned in such a way that they fit within the time available for an MSc thesis. 

The Section is equipped with state of the art experimental and parallel computing facilities.  The experimental facilities cover the full scale range, from chemical and nano scale techniques like infra-red spectrometry (FTIR),  atomic force microscopy (AFM) and nano CT scans to full scale accelerated pavement tests in our LINTRACK. Our powerful parallel computing facilities enable us to develop and apply advanced numerical models for research at all these levels of material response.

The Pavement Engineering Section participated in the exposition on innovation at RWS

Date: 19-22 June 2017


Date: 17-03-2017
Congratulations to Dr. Katerina Varveri on successfully defending her PhD thesis entitled “Moisture damage susceptibility of asphalt mixtures -Experimental characterization and modelling-’. 


Date: 27-02-2017
Congratulations to Dr. George Tzimiris on successfully defending his PhD thesis entitled “Investigation of Membrane Materials used in Multilayer Surfacing Systems for Orthotropic Steel Deck Bridges’. 



Skid resistance test using  instrumented wheel

On October 14th,pavement skid resistance testing using the grip tester wheel with instrumented temperature sensors was successfully conducted at the Umm Bab test site in Qatar. Congratulations to Mr. Tianchi Tang, Ir. Paul Vermeulen, Dr. Anupam Kumar Dr. Reginald Kogbara.

An Educational tour to China

On July 29 - Aug 10, 2016, the Section of Pavement Engineering organized a visit of their MSc students to China. Our students visited Southwest Jiaotong University and Chongqing Jiaotong University and had the opportunity to meet, interact and exchange ideas and knowledge with local scholars and students. They also visited local construction sites and various other historical and cultural monuments.


4th Chinese European Workshop on functional pavement design concluded successfully on 1st of July, 2016.




Date: 08-02-2016
Congratulations to Dr. Sayeda Nowrozon Nahar on successfully defending her PhD thesis entitled “Phase-separation characteristics of bitumen and their relation to damage-healing ”’. 


Katerina Varveri on Moisture Damage in Asphalt Surfacings of Dikes

On November 25th, Katerina Varveri gave an invited lecture on Moisture Damage in Asphalt Dikes in the yearly meeting of the Stiching Toegepast Onderzoek Waterbeheer. She presented ongoing research in the Section of Pavement Engineering of TU Delft on evaluation of moisture induced damage in Asphaltic mixes.

Click here to access the lecture.


Date: 07-12-2015
Congratulations to Dr. Mirella Maria Villani  on successfully defending her PhD thesis entitled “Friction in Asphalt Concrete Mixes: Experimental and Computational Issues ”’. 

Date: 06-11-2015
Congratulations to Panagiotis Apostolidis on successfully defending his MSc. thesis titled ‘’Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Induction Heating in Asphalt Mixes’’. 


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