Chair E. (Erik) Schlangen

T +31 (0)15 27 86535

Experimental MicroMechanics

The chair of Experimental Micromechanics focuses on the development of experimental techniques to measure (mechanical) properties of materials. Furthermore the focus is on the development of models to support the testing and simulate the material behaviour. The techniques that are developed are being used to explain failure mechanisms in materials and structures. Explanation of failure and degradation mechanisms are important to be able to find solutions to stop or slow down the degradation or develop strategies to prevent them in the future. The experimental and modelling tools are also applied to develop new materials that are more durable, sustainable. Self-healing materials is also a special topic of attention.

 The chair is responsible for the master course “Micromechanics and Modelling of Building Materials”. 


“Pull-out of wood fibre out of cement matrix observed in ESEM”

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