Prof. Dr. Ir. J.D. (Jan-Dirk) Jansen


Dr. H. (Hadi) Hajibeygi


Dr. D.V. (Denis) Voskov


Dr. Ir. F.C. (Femke) Vossepoel

Advanced Reservoir Simulation and Optimization

Research on Advanced Reservoir Simulation and Optimization is being performed in two areas: One focusing on the control and optimization of subsurface flow in the Closed-Loop Reservoir Management (CLRM) program, and one focused on reservoir simulation in the Delft Advanced Reservoir Simulation (DARSim) program. CLRM is mainly carried out within two large industry-funded programs, the ISAPP (Integrated Systems Approach to Petroleum Production) consortium and the Recovery Factory (RF) program. Within these programs, concepts and technologies for CLRM are developed for, e.g., large-scale optimization under uncertainty, near-continuous updating of reservoir models, and model-order reduction techniques.

Nowadays DARSim is fully aligned with the CLRM group and maintains close contacts with other strong numerical-simulation groups at TU Delft. In this way the DARSim group working towards its goal, i.e., developing next-generation modelling and computational methods addressing current and future challenges of reservoir simulation. The developments include in particular multi-scale, multi-physics modelling and methods for efficient and accurate large-scale simulations of reservoirs with complex fluid-rock physics.

Our research topics are:

  1. Closed-Loop Reservoir Management (CLRM)
  2. Delft Advanced Reservoir Simulation (DARSim)

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