Prof. Dr. G. (Giovanni) Bertotti

Head of Section

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Building 23
Stevinweg 1 / PO-box 5048
2628 CN Delft / 2600 GA Delft 

Room number: 3.11
Phone: +31 15 27 86033
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Prof. Dr. G. Bertotti


Following my MSc at the University of Pisa (Italy) I got my PhD at the ETH Zurich working on the tectono-sedimentary evolution of the M. Generoso basin, a 20km wide and >8km deep extensional basin developed on the rifted margin of Adria and exposed in the South Alps (Italy and Switzerland). I then spent 1 year in N Africa tackling water-related problems in the Niger countryside. In 1991, my academic career started at the VU Amsterdam in the group of S Cloetingh. A great time linking (mainly field) data and numerical models. Case studies in the Carpathians, in Turkey, Morocco and more. Since 2007 more and more involved in research on fractured reservoirs; more applied, surely challenging and still very much linked to fundamental science issues. From 2010, I spend 60% (?) of my time at the Delft University of Technology, a place of huge know-how and of great people.


I am essentially a structural geologist with wide experience in the field. During the years I have learned interacting with numerical modellers, first and, during the last years, even with engineers. I like combining the scales of small outcrops to that of larger regions linking a structural geology with a tectonic approach. While I am not a programmer myself, I have the expertise in the quantification geologic and tectonic problems.


Teaching is one of my passions. I have given a very large number of courses at all levels from undergraduate to PhD. I have led excursions and given special courses in numerous Universities. I have particular interest in strengthening education opportunities in African countries.


I like linking scales and disciplines. At the outcrop (and smaller scale), I am essentially working on outcropping analogs of fractured reservoirs, particularly those characterized by strong sedimentological (flat-topped platforms) and structural heterogeneities (folds). For data acquisition we use a variety of tools inclusive of a drone and of digital tools. With numerous colleagues I have worked on Permian siliciclatsics (South Sfrica), folded Devonian quartzarenites (Morocco) and heterogeneous carbonate platforms (Italy and Brazil). At the larger scale, I am particularly interested in the post-rift evolution of rifted continental margin, especially those of NW Africa and SE America. A great topic I am working on is the birth and growth of the Central Anatolia plateau. Side activities bring me to work in the Tyrrhenian Sea and the surrounding domains.


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