Forth day of the SBL workshop

31 March 2017 by Secretariaat GRS

The SBL workshop came to its official end today, with six talks, and the official closing remarks by the organizers.

Many talks today also looked at modelling with Large Eddy Simulations – LES (common tools in atmospheric science) – and the improvements that have been made, and still need to be made, to their representations of different processes. These include improving the resolution capabilities of the models, reducing the need for sub-grid scale parameterizations of processes (scales that are too small to be simulated by a coarse grid must be parameterized with prescribed relationships), as well as the caution that the drive for better for resolution and the problems that imposes beyond simple calculation expense. The final talk was given by one of the chairs of the workshop, Bert Holtslag, who presented a summary of some of the topics discussed this week, and where the future of SBL work is headed.

Winners of the poster session

The close of the workshop brought the awards for the best three posters. The committee opted to focus on the presentations made by the early-career scientists, awarding cash prizes to the winners, as well as the textbook: Transport in the Atmosphere-Vegetation-Soil Continuum, written by Arnold Moene and Jos van Dam. The prize winners were:

  1. Maria Joao Chinita
  2. Lena Pfister
  3. Steven van der Linden (GRS)

Tomorrow, the focus of the day will be the GABLS 4 meeting to discuss the developments made by the project.

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