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Coincidence and Twitter lead to discovery new crack in Greenland’s largest glacier

19 April 2017

Something caught the eye of Stef Lhermitte last week, while he was looking through satellite images of the Greenland’s Petermann Glacier. Almost by coincidence he saw a new thin line, as he was going through ESA Sentinel-1 images for research on melt. He checked other satellite images, and saw the line first appear on July 2016, apparently unnoticed until then. In a series of five tweets,...Continue


Herman Russchenberg op NPO Radio 1: Nieuwe oplossing tegen klimaatverandering: Geo-engineering

03 April 2017

Geo-engineering. Gek woord. Maar misschien tijd dat u het toch gaat onthouden. President Trump draaide deze week een serie milieumaatregelen van zijn voorganger Obama terug en zet weer vol in op olie en kolen. In de slipstream lijkt geo-engineering nu hét nieuwe middel in de strijd tegen opwarming van de Aarde. Het Witte Huis heeft er wel oren naar. Hoe zit dat precies? Radio 1 vroeg het aan...Continue


That’s a wrap! Final session of SBL workshop

31 March 2017

That’s a wrap! Today was devoted entirely to the GABLS4 intercomparison project. The focus of GABLS – the GEWEX (Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment) Atmospheric Boundary Layer Studies - is to provide an intercomparison project to assess model performance to be used as a benchmark for further atmospheric study. Now on its fourth project, the cases have increased in complexity and challenge...Continue


Forth day of the SBL workshop

31 March 2017

The SBL workshop came to its official end today, with six talks, and the official closing remarks by the organizers.Continue


Third day of the SBL workshop

30 March 2017

The third day at the SBL workshop was divided into three parts: lectures, discussion, and the workshop reception.Continue


Second day SBL workshop

30 March 2017

The second day at the SBL workshop continued right where day one left off, with further stimulating and enthusiastic discussion. In total, there were six talks split between the morning and afternoon, each aiming to challenge our current perception of the SBL, and identify areas for future research development and focus.Continue


Impression first day SBL workshop

28 March 2017

It was a great first day at the SBL workshop! There were four keynote talks today. The first talk focused on the theoretical consideration of turbulent energy. It was followed by an excellent presentation focused on the role of radiative forcing on boundary layer dynamics, linking it to our changing climate. After lunch, a new conceptual theory for energy conservation in the boundary layer was...Continue


Workshop Stable Boundary Layers

27 March 2017

The 3rd Decennial Workshop on Turbulence in Stably Stratified Boundary Layers starts today at TU Delft, with participants coming from all over the world.Continue

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